June 19, 2011

Good-bye My Baby

Forgive me for using this blog for something besides cards at the moment, but I have definitely not been happy with my challenge attempts lately and wanted to explain why.  Yesterday I had to put down my 7yr old cat Reno, less than a month after he was diagnosed with cancer. It feels like it all happened so fast and the decision to put him down was definitely the worst and hardest decision of my life.  I have lost pets before but this was the first time I decided to end his suffering.  He was my baby.  The runt of a litter who always had to be by my side and always looked at me with love with the biggest eyes I've ever seen.  He had the sweetest disposition and gave me so much during the 7 years I had him.  I have been grieving for the last month and trying to take care of him the best I could until the cancer spread last week and I knew we weren't going to win this.  Cancer is a horrible disease.  It is hard to watch a person die from it, but to watch an animal that doesn't understand and is relying on you for care is just devastating.  I know I will be myself again but I'm not sure how long before I feel like stamping again.  I would like to say that one thing that has helped me was that I tend to look at A LOT of blogs each day and the beauty of the cards has made me feel better.  If it weren't for all the stamping bloggers, I would definitely have been lost.  Thanks!

Good-by my baby..I'll always love you!


Heide said...

So sorry to hear this, my heart goes out for you. I had to do the same thing for my dog last fall. Totally unexpected for us. Time heals and they you will be able to remember good memories with out crying.
Hugs, Heide

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