May 29, 2017

Wow!  4 years!  I need to get back into my stamping and blogging.  My life got a little crazy.  Since my last post, I have adopted a daughter from foster care who is now 10 years old and just amazing.  She wanted a Chihuahua so I decided to start fostering dogs which has been great.  She is so great with the dogs.  Right now we have 3 foster pups as well as our 2 family dogs and 3 cats.  We have a full house but I love it.  My focus has changed from cards for breast cancer patients to cards with dogs on them.  I plan on donating cards to the rescue I work for to raise money for them as well as making cards to donate in a nearby nursing home. Recently on of our volunteers passed away.  I was working on a card for her before I got the news so I ended up not finishing the card but finished the coloring.  Definitely not my best but I love the image.  It is by Ching-Chou  Kuik and called Chihuahua Lover.
I used Copics but obviously didn't blend that well.  Practice makes perfect right?  Hopefully I can get back into posting more now.  Hopefully I didn't lose everyone!  Thanks!